John of God was guided to Abadiânia and established a center there in a small building off the main highway. In 1978 he moved the center to its present location, creating Casa de Dom Inácio. It is a beautiful setting overlooking the nearby expanse of hills and valleys centered on a natural energy vortex formed by quartz crystal bedrock beneath the surface.

Casa de Dom Inácio is a sanctuary of love and healing. The physical layout is well designed to accommodate the hundreds each day who gather there. The buildings are painted blue and white as John of God was guided to do in a vision of St. Ignatius and are surrounded by tall trees and flower gardens. The central building is a large meeting hall. John of God is there to perform healings every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

The morning session starts at 8:00 in the main hall and begins with instruction and prayer conducted by one of the Casa volunteers, who addresses the group from the dais in the front. Then a line is formed of people who have been scheduled in an earlier visit to have surgery. They are escorted into the invisible surgery room adjacent to the hall, where they sit on long benches or rest on stretchers, with eyes closed, preparing themselves with the guidance of the volunteers, for the invisible surgery to follow.

John of God now addresses the large crowd in the main hall, and as prayers are spoken incorporates the spirit Entity working through him, entering full trance. His ordinary consciousness is suspended, as his body becomes the vessel for the miraculous healing the spirits perform. His stature, gaze and speech are markedly different from the man, John. The love and power flowing from him is felt by all who are gathered there and makes real the exact nature of the John?s benign possession by the spirit Entity. As John of God says, "It is not me who cures, God is the Healer, I am simply the vessel."


John–in-Entity then performs surgery on two or three people who requested visible surgery. Using a scalpel or knife he incises specific areas on the person, sometimes inserting his finger into the site and performing massage like motions. There is very little blood. The process includes a type of spiritual anesthesia/altered state during which little or no sensation is experienced by the patient. The cut is sutured and the person is taken to rest in the nearby recovery room where the surgical site is bandaged. The person is monitored until ready to leave, typically within an hour or less.

No one has ever suffered infection or complication from a physical surgery performed by John of God. For the person who receives a physical surgery miraculous healing is instantaneous or evident in the weeks and months that follow. For the group assembled to view them they are powerful confirmation of the work of the spirit entities which all can see are far beyond conventional experience. The effect is to raise the level of belief and attunement to the healing energies.

The physical surgeries also confirm the extraordinary gift medium John has of incorporating spirit. The man has no knowledge of medical or surgical practices, yet in Entity works quickly and precisely. As his friends and helpers will tell you, John the man, is disturbed by the sight of blood! The records of John of God’s healing are filled with astounding results from the physical surgeries including cures from trauma, cancer, paralysis, and degenerative diseases of all types.


When the physical surgeries are complete, John of God goes to the invisible surgery room where the people are quietly preparing themselves by prayer and intention. John of God gives this blessing to them, ”In the name of God you are healed.” And in that moment the invisible healing surgery is complete. Many in the room experience sensations in their bodies, others do not, all are touched by the collective of spiritual beings working in the room. The group is then given instruction for their recovery period. The invisible surgeries offer documented proof of the profound spirit healing that flows through John of God. In many instances medical scans performed afterwards have shown the presence of internal sutures, with no outside entry, and the disappearance of masses and tumors.
Whether visible or invisible it is paramount that the person who has received surgery complies with the post surgery instructions. The person must avoid sexual activity, and strenuous work and exercise for 40 days after the surgery. Rest is particularly necessary for the first eight days after which time the sutures are removed by spirit energy. Each must understand and respect that surgery has happened and the guidelines must be followed. A photograph of each one who has had surgery is taken. It is the means of further healing by the spirit entities on that person for the next full year. It is common for recipients of healing to feel the presence of the spirit entities and work being performed on them well after they leave the Casa and are home.


The rest of each session is devoted to the people who line up one by one to pass before John of God. The hundreds of visitors are divided into first time visitors and repeat visitors. They file quietly from the main hall into the First Current Room past other visitors seated on benches in prayer and meditation, who have already seen John of God on a previous day and are in the room to receive additional healing energy and upliftment. Through there the line files into the Second Current Room where John-in-Entity is seated at the front. To his right are several rows of house mediums, gifted volunteers who are powerful meditators. Their energy as a group is said to provide grounding on this physical earth plane for the work of the spirit entities.
The spirit Entity scans each individual who comes before John of God, and treatment is prescribed. Many are given an herbal prescription, vibrational medicine in a carrier herb, to be filled at the Casa dispensary. Crystal bed treatments may also be ordered. In this form of energy treatment the person lies resting for 20 minutes below an array of light and crystals that influence the seven main energy centers/Chakras. Others are told when to return for surgery and still others are directed to sit in the Current Room on the benches to the left of John of God.


As the morning session ends, visitors receive vegetable soup prepared in the Casa kitchen that is nourishing and healing. Many also purchase energized spring water available at the crystal shop. Like the soup, the water is charged with healing properties by the spirit entities.


If it is indicated and permission is granted, visitors may go to the Sacred Waterfall at some point during their stay. A short distance from the Casa, it is a refreshing and healing experience of the nature spirits of this beautiful land, and much healing and guidance is received there.


At 2 p.m. the afternoon session begins, following a similar schedule as the morning. The afternoon session continues until every person has passed before John of God. By the end of the day, as is the case every day, hundreds have been seen and touched by the miraculous healing energy of the spirits of Casa de Dom Inácio.


Entities of Light

 The Entities of Light (EOL) spent 68 years healing thousands of people weekly as the channel for evolved Entities of Light that perform spiritual healing. His work is free of charge and no one is ever turned away. People come from all over the world for healing at his center, the Casa de Dom Inácio. They are from all walks of life, with all conceivable ailments, many of which have been declared terminal or incurable.

As the Entities of Light frequently say: “HEALING REQUIRES, PATIENCE, PERSEVERANCE AND FAITH.”

The spirit entities that channel through him perform visible and invisible surgeries. John of God prefers the term  “spiritual Intervention.” The majority of people receive invisible intervention during which the helping spirits energetically change physical conditions and bring about corrections on mental, emotional and spiritual levels as well. Visible surgeries are done with a scalpel or knife without anesthesia or antiseptic yet no one has ever had infection or complications from his work.

When John of God channels the helping spirits they completely incorporate, taking over his body and mind. One by one, the people who visit him pass before him and are scanned by the spirit entities who perform the necessary healing. For some, the effect is immediate, for others healing unfolds over time and for others, additional visits are required. The love and divine energy that flows through John of God touches everyone who visits him and makes the Casa a sacred space that is uplifting and transformational.

Healing Quests is the opportunity to visit John of God for your healing, facilitated by experienced group leader Heather Cumming, Shamanic teacher and Reiki Master. Heather grew up on a cattle ranch in Central Brazil near Abadiânia, and is fluent in Portuguese. Her knowledge of the land and its people combined with experience serving John of God’s mission for the last 17 years make her an ideal trip leader.  Heather has also lived in Scotland, UK and USA, All aspects of your stay are managed by her, including translation when you are before medium John. The comfort and ease, and the knowledge that you are guided and cared for create security and support that allows you to focus completely on your own healing.

“I do not cure anybody. God heals, and in his infinite goodness permits the Entities to heal and console my brothers. I am merely an instrument in God’s divine hands.” - João Teixeira de Faria


John of God, João de Teixeira de Faria was born in l942 in Goiás, Brazil. He was clairvoyant from an early age, able to predict many events and outcomes before they were reported in the press, in one incident saving the life of his mother and himself when he foresaw a devastating storm with flooding that seemed to come out of nowhere. When John was sixteen his life changed dramatically. He had been traveling from town to town looking for work, without much success, and was exhausted and hungry. He stopped near a stream and had a vision of a beautiful woman who told him he was needed in a nearby church in the town of Campo Grande (Matto Grosso) and to go there because people were waiting for him. He later realized the woman was the spirit of St. Rita of Cassia. He followed her directions, and as she had predicted, was welcomed at the church. That was all he remembered until hours later when he awakened and was told that King Solomon had incorporated in him and healed many people. He protested that hunger and exhaustion had made him faint, but the many witnesses to the healing miracles left no doubt that he had been the medium for extraordinary healing from the spiritual plane. An intense period of instruction and guidance followed over the next several weeks. He was directed to dedicate his life to healing others and never to accept payment for this work, a guideline he follows to this day.