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It is a privilege for me to serve as your caretaker on this journey: creating a sacred space, attending to your needs in every way possible so you can focus fully on your spiritual and physical healing.

John of God

“It is not me who cures - God is the healer. I am simply the vessel” John of God

Heather Cumming Guide, Translator, Interpreter

For many years I maintained a private practice in Westport CT as a ShamanicTeacher/Practitioner, Reiki Master/ Teacher. Now, since 2000, I am devoted to serving John of God’s mission as a tour leader, daughter of the Casa - medium, translator and interpreter to John of God at the Casa and his tours abroad. I speak English, Portuguese, French and Spanish

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Heather reciting the Lord’s Prayer

translated from Original Aramaic O cosmic Birther of all radiance and vibration! Soften the ground of our being and carve […]

Heather about Post Intervention Instructions

John of God addresses the attendees at the Omega 2016 event in Rhinebeck NY.

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